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Non-binary stylists love these gender neutral color palettes

Gender neutral colors are increasingly popular and heading toward the top of everyone’s favorites list. Is it for a boy or girl? Who cares! Keep it cool with these gender nonconforming, people-pleasing color palettes for the gender fluid cool vibes.

10 very popular gender neutral colors & color combos:

1. Shades of blue + bright yellow

Blue and yellow swimming trunks

2. Teal + bright orange

3. Sea foam green + heather gray

4. Bright yellow + lime green

5. Black + gold (or yellow ochre)

6. Medium brown + lavender + light gray

7. Tan + caramel mocha + forest green

8. Slate blue + mustard brown + vintage white + black

Tannish orange leather couch with blue pillows

9. Emerald green + lime green + medium brown

10. Off white + light blue + chestnut brown


What are your favorite color combos for gender neutral gifts, clothing or home decor? How do these colors play a role in fashion? For more inspo, check out our article on gender neutral outfit ideas for the office!


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