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Top spots to score LGBTQ+ friendly swim suits & beachwear [FOR STUD/STEM LESBIANS]

Suit up in confidence with these non-girly, sporty bathing suits for tomboy and androgynous women to keep their drip on point at the beach and pool. These conservative yet stylish bathing suits will have you happy to leave that basketball shorts + tank top look at home!

Where can you buy a bathing suit for women that won’t diminish your dominant style?

Check out these bikini alternative swimsuits and beach outfits for tomboys/studs/stems/non-binary people:

1. Athleta

A few of our favorite sporty bathing suit top and bottoms from Athleta are:


2. Outplay

This store is made for gender neutral clothing. They have tons of androgynous clothing from shorts, tops, bathing suits, LGBTQ pride gear, and more! Highly recommend taking a look at Outplay.


3. REI

REI Co-op

REI Outlet


4. ACTIVE GearUp


Did we mention "Free Shipping?"


6. TomboyX


More gender neutral friendly beach / pool outfits worth checking out:


A little more summer outfit inspiration for the beach bois:


What‘s your go to look for the pool or beach? Hopefully these alternatives to girly bikini style bathing suits will help you find your next fave beach looks!


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