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Most Popular Lesbian Dating Apps

Our favorite lesbian dating apps

Dating, in general, is hard, and for gay girls, it is even harder. The good news is there are great (free) lesbian dating apps.

Find out our top 5 favorite lesbian dating apps that are free to download (with premium features available for purchase).

With the extra work of looking for others who play for your team and coming out to new people, queer folks have a lot to deal with before even scoring a good date. Clubs and advocacy groups can give you a community of like-minded people, but it still doesn’t guarantee you’ll find someone for yourself. And with the COVID lockdown and all the LGBTQ+ festivities on hold, the watering hole seems even more deserted. Luckily, online dating takes away a lot of the pointless hurdles from dating and paves an easy road towards finding love, or at least new friends.

lesbians on a date

If you are a gal who is looking for a good time with other girls or non-binary people, then you can try LGBTQ+ friendly dating apps. They are much safer and more effective in matching the right people together. They are very popular too. A 2016 study shows that 56% of queer singles dated someone they met online. Even the experts suggest using dating apps as a lesbian or girl interested in girls. Sex educator Sarah Sloane said, “Online dating has given the queer community the opportunity to date and flirt, without the risk of having to come out to someone potentially dangerous.”

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If you are thinking, “Sure, I’ll go with dating apps, but how do they help me find other gay girls to meet with?” For that, you should know that there are lots of dating apps specifically designed for gay, transgender, nonbinary, and gender-fluid people. These free lesbian friendly dating apps are widely used and very popular too. These apps are great for getting to know new people, finding potential love, making friends, or even just a fun girl to talk to.


Dating apps for gay girls

Here are five free lesbian dating apps:

#1. OkCupid

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One of the oldest LGBTQ+ dating apps, OkCupid offers a lot more than just a swipe to match features. It lets you go through deep and personal preferences, which can bring people closer together (e.g, your political view or astronomical sign).

The best things about this app? Its detailed user profiles and the number and quality of girls who use it. With its extensive gender identity, sexual orientation, and preference options, it is one of the most used lesbian dating apps available. If you have not downloaded yet, go do it now.


  • Inclusive identity details on gender and sexual orientation

  • Mostly free

  • Rich profiles

  • Very large and active community of gay/bisexual girls


  • Free interfaces contain ads

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#2. HER

As the name suggests, this LGBTQ+ dating app is dedicated to women. Made by and for gay girls, this dating app is the best for lesbian, bisexual, genderqueer, and nonbinary people alike. HER is a part dating app and part social media platform, which not only matches people together but also informs you about all the upcoming LGBTQ+ and lesbian dating events.

Two women smiling

The event tab is especially popular among the users because it gives you a chance to stay connected with your community. It even lets you RSVP to the upcoming events around you. It is really fun, and unlike any other dating apps, it is centered around lesbian dating and women.


  • Unlimited messaging and no character restrictions, unlike most dating apps

  • Female oriented space that is excellent for LGBTQ women

  • All the necessary features are free


  • No option for filtered results based on specific preferences on the free subscription

  • Too many reminders to upgrade to premium

  • No user-enhanced features on the free subscription

gay girls on a date

#3. Zoe

Zoe combined the old reliable features of dating apps with its new and unique features. It is specific to women and lesbian dating. It enables you to create a detailed user profile, including your likes, dislikes, and interests. It also makes you take a personality test that makes for better and filtered matches based on common features. The more things you will have in common, the higher your percentage rate will be. And finally, it lets you match with other girls with a classic swipe-and-match interface. Overall, it is a great platform if you are looking for long-term matches.


  • A great free subscription, which has all the basic features

  • An affordable premium subscription

  • Very easy to use and extremely fun

  • Active community


  • Need to link to a Facebook profile to register

  • No desktop version

  • Need to upgrade to premium to use all the features

same sex couple in love

#4. Lesly

Another classic lesbian dating app with all the old school and familiar features, Lesly has an international community of gay women. It is increasingly popular among anyone who wants to meet girls for serious business, a fun time, a meetup, a blind date, or even an Fwb relationship.

The best feature of this app is that setting up your profile is fun, easy, and free. They provide questions that prompt you to give open ended answers on your profile. There is also a long list of categories where you can select from a list of options to describe yourself. Categories include astrological sign, personality type, education level, political beliefs, etc.


  • Simple and easy registration

  • Profiles are fun to set up and help you write about yourself with prompts


  • Free subscription has very limited features

  • Results and filtering can be a little buggy

  • Might show the same match repeatedly

  • Popularity depends on where you live (better for people who are open to longer distance matches)

Which con is that worst when it comes to Lesly as a lesbian dating app? This app is limited in its free version and it's hard to heavily interact with girls without paying for an upgrade. They ask you to upgrade to a premium membership at every corner you turn.

With all that being said, Lesly is still a decent lesbian-focused dating app that's free to check out. There's room to improve for sure.


#5. Bumble

This one is exciting. For straight users, bumble allows women to make the first move. Another fun feature of bumble is that, after matching, if one of you does not make a move within 24 hours, the match will disappear forever. These features make bumble ideal for people who are strictly looking for a serious relationship.

Two people sit on a rock outside on a date


  • According to the founders, 60% of the matches end up successful.

  • Easy to register and use your account.


  • The 24-hour rule can get in the way for some people.

  • Search results show very limited information about the matches,

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Bottom Line

Now that you are familiar with some of the most exciting dating apps for lesbians, make an account on your favorite one and find the next girl you want to have an adventure with and redefine your love life!

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