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Poppin' the girlfriend question

Not sure how to ask another girl out if you’re a girl? Taking the next step in a relationship can be a mixture of emotions. You feel excited for what seems like a fairy tale relationship in your near future but also nervous about the unknown.

After days, weeks, or maybe even months of dreaming about this person becoming your girlfriend, you finally decide to take a leap of faith and put your all into this person to see if things can work out. You are done talking to other people because what you have beats whatever else could be out there.

If you have been on at least a handful of dates and had serious conversations about what you want in a relationship, it’s time to start thinking about how you will ask her to be your girlfriend.


How to ask a girl to be your girlfriend. For girls who like girls.

Here are 5 ways to ask her to be your girlfriend:

1. Go back to your first date spot together

Two people sit on a rock and have their arm around each other.

The first date is a memorable experience that you both share. If this place is accessible and would allow for a one on one moment, it could be a great opportunity to go back and pop the question. Rekindling those first-time butterflies is a perfect way to be reminded of how great being together feels. Now it’s time to seal the deal.


2. Write her a letter

Pen and Paper with a rose next to it

Asking in person can be pretty nerve wracking. If it’s in writing, there’s no way you can trip up on your words, forget to mention what you admire about her, or plain old chicken out. Writing a letter can be a perfect way to get all of your thoughts on paper and ask her to be your girlfriend in just the way you imagine it. Be sure to add in some thought and take your time writing out the letter to make it super special.


3. Go on a beach date and write in the sand

Good vibes only is written in the beach sand.

Going to the beach can be nostalgic for those with childhood memories at the beach. It is also a romantic setting with a relaxed atmosphere, beautiful views, and calming water sounds.

A good time to write your question in the sand would be if she is taking a nap or if you can get her friends or family to distract her. Go down toward the water and write “will you be my girlfriend” on the sand where it is somewhat wet so it stands out. Then go grab your soon to be girlfriend and ask her to go in the water with you. As you are both approaching the water, she’ll see the question and the rest is history.

Two people walk on a beach hugging and smiling


4. Cook her favorite meal and serve it with a side of romance

They say the way to someone's heart is through their stomach, so why not use food as the centerpiece of your proposal? Plan a cozy evening at home and prepare her favorite meal from scratch. Set the mood with soft music, candlelight, and perhaps a glass of wine. As you sit down to enjoy the delicious meal together, take the opportunity to express your feelings and ask her to officially be your girlfriend. The combination of a delectable meal and heartfelt conversation is sure to win her over.

Two female -presenting people cook a meal together


5. Write a blog post and pop the question in the end

Will you be my girlfriend? A heart with "be mine" inside of it.

Bottom Line

If you can’t seem to get enough of each other, it’s time to pop the question and make it official. Starting a relationship with someone is a special moment for both of you and can be a memory for a lifetime. Keep in mind, there is no right or wrong way to ask someone to be your girlfriend. The important thing is to communicate your feelings with one another, be fully committed to a monogamous relationship before you ask her to be your girlfriend, and be the best version of you going forward for the sake of a great relationship and life together.

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