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10 gender neutral wardrobe essentials for the workplace (a guide for women)

Getting dressed in the morning is hard enough. The workplace is full of expectations and gender conforming norms. Luckily, there are more gender neutral style options to choose from to be confident in your own gender expression, style, shape and size.

(Disclaimer: Some of the links in this article are affiliate links that may provide me with a small commission at no cost to you. However, all of the products have been personally vetted and checked for quality, style, and worthiness of buying before being recommended.)

10 gender non-conforming styles for the workplace (that won't break the bank OR limit your gender fluidity):

1. Over-sized, loose fitting blazers

Blazers add a polished look to anyone's work look. For gender neutral flare, go for the over-sized, "boyfriend" style blazers in neutral colors (browns, tans, grays, blacks) for the most versatile styles.

TIP: keep a blazer your desk in case you get cold or have a surprise meeting with a client where you need to look more professional.


2. Straight Leg Pants

When it comes to straight leg pants and adhering to your gender neutral look, look for pants that have these 3 key elements: full leg length (not ankle), front and back pockets, and not high waist.

These pants are available at Nordstrom Rack for less than $40 each:




3. Loose Fit, Button Up Short Sleeve T-shirts

Gender neutral style tip: button it up to the highest button

These great styles are available online! Check 'em out:


4. Monochrome, Flat Sneakers (or Oxfords)

A word on shoe sizing: if you are a women shopping in the men's shoe section, size down by 2 sizes. Shoes that are monochrome (1 color), very simple designs, and have a flat bottom will be your best bets for the gender neutral look in the workplace.


5. A boxy cut rain jacket in earth tones or neutral colors

Topo Designs Longline Zip-Front Raincoat

Rain sees no gender! Getting stuck in a downpour without a jacket isn't a good look for anyone.

Wind also lets no gender slide! Having a light weight, pack-able windbreaker in your wardrobe will prepare you for those days when the wind is whistling.

Person wearing gray shirt and sea foam green wind breaker jacket

TIP: get a windbreaker with a hood and has a water resistant material so you have something to wear on windy AND rainy days (womp, no fun).

[UPDATE: The pictured teal green windbreaker is no longer in stock but Old Navy has plenty of other similar styles available]


6. A stylish laptop briefcase or shoulder bag

A modern, durable laptop bag will level up your professional presence AND your gender neutral workplace look. Don't go for the dad vibes and bring a hard case leather briefcase OR the lady vibes with a brand spanking new purse OR the college student with a bright colored Jansport backpack.

Ditch the purse! Get a brief case or shoulder bag

Command the room with your gender neutral presence with a stylish gender non-conforming laptop briefcase. Recommended looks fall under two categories:

  1. Leather laptop bags with a handle

  2. Modern briefcase or rectangular bag (go for the non-hard case to avoid dad vibes)

Where can you find these stylish bags for work (that are not purses but don't scream dad)? Check out Zara, Amazon, and Herschel for some great laptop/briefcase styles for your gender neutral work style.


7. A classic watch (or smart watch)

Vintage Look Black Leather Wristwatch

It's time to know the time (and look classy) at work. Add a professional touch to your look by adding one of these bad boys to your cart next shopping trip!

Gender neutral leather watch with tan suede band and white dial with matte gold accents

8. Use a bifold or trifold small wallet

Don't just stuff your ID and credit card in your back pocket. Now that you are making some real cash, let's keep it together in a stylish bifold or trifold wallet. Opt for a slim one that will fit in your straight leg pants pocket that we mentioned would come in handy earlier :)

Where to find one? Zara always has great options for simple yet stylish wallets under $30!


9. Button up shirts

Gender Neutral Style Tip: Buy a size up if you are buying from the women's section. Buy a size down if you are buying from the men's section.


10. Wear 1-2 pieces of simple jewelry

Think a nice, lightweight gold or silver chain and plain stud earrings.




Bottom Line:

Gender neutral style is about not going too far left or too far right down the feminine or masculine spectrum. It's about being yourself but also not falling into a gender category. Your style is an expression of you, so take time and be patient with yourself when building and refining your wardrobe. We spend a lot of time in the workplace -- it's important to feel confident in your work outfit (and get your job done right)!

TLDR: start with simple basics; keep your clothes loose fitting; don't wear a purse; no low cut shirts or leggings!



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