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What’s the Difference Between Gender Nonbinary and Gender Fluid?

gender nonbinary

Not sure what the difference is between “Gender Nonbinary” and “Gender Fluid”? You are in the right place.

Your gender shapes your lives in fundamental ways. At the same time, there is a spectrum of gender that one can fall on, move around within, or go outside the bounds of. It can impact all the decisions you make and the activities you partake in.

Gender, gender identity, and sexual orientation have been associated with numerous controversies throughout the history of time. Feminists have long fought against the ingrained patriarchy existing in almost every society in the world. The debate is now focusing on individuals who identify themselves outside the simple classification of gender.

Many of us grew up in a society where we were told that gender and sex are the same - that it’s limited to two options only: male and female. What we have to understand is, neither of those two is binary. Some people can’t be placed under male and female labels only. These individuals claim to be non-binary.


What’s the Difference Between Gender Nonbinary and Gender Fluid?

So, what does gender nonbinary mean?

Individuals who feel like they cannot identify themselves within the strict margins of gender binary call themselves nonbinary. They believe that they are neither exclusively male or female. They may be something in between or beyond the two conventional genders.

gender fluid person

People who are non-binary may claim to be gender fluid. Many of them do not feel comfortable in the society they were born in and find themselves in the company of transgender communities. This is because they feel safer to be around people who are unable to identify themselves as cisgender.

Campaigns on gender fluidity may be new, but the concept of non-binary genders are not. They have been pertaining to societies ever since humans were conscious of themselves and their genders. The problem is, these identities are being resisted by those who want a clear distinction between genders.

Gender neutral people holding hands

The past decade has witnessed several LGBTQ, feminist, and gender fluidity movements. These campaigns have been stigmatized at every turn and are finally being recognized in modern-day societies. Most Americans are becoming more accustomed to gender-neutral terms.


What Makes Gender Fluidity Different

Many individuals identify as a single gender for their entire life. Others don’t. It’s a more dynamic change from them, and their identity changes over time. Many of these individuals are transgender, but some refer themselves to be “gender-fluid.”

Definition of Gender Fluid

So, what is gender fluid? Gender fluid individuals are those whose gender changes over time. They may identify themselves as agender, bigender, male, female, or simply someone non-binary. Some people feel drastic changes, while others do not.

These changes may happen even in a matter of hours, while others take years. Despite the changes, they may not act or dress any differently. It’s a personal change and an internal shift that is extremely private.

Gender fluid people are non-binary. But not all non-binary individuals are gender fluid. Each gender fluid individual faces a different experience, so it’s hard to narrow down their differences in a limited list. It is as the term states: fluid - something that isn’t fixed.

Gender nonbinary person in front of artwork

Concluding Words

Everyone deserves to define their own genders and communicate their experience and challenges to others. It’s our responsibility to align ourselves with those individuals by educating ourselves. Don’t let your curiosity tread on their frustrations. Support their journey as a united community and share their stories.



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