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6 clothing stores to shop at today to drip in gender neutral swag sauce tomorrow

There's a ton of clothing stores in the United States but only some offer the secret sauce for gender neutral, tomboy, gender nonconforming type of swag. Let's walk through some of our favorite hidden gems to fuel your gender fluid style.

Here's where to shop for your tomboy girlfriend or for your own gender neutral wardrobe (in no particular order):


Based in Lost Angeles, CA, Stuzo is a women-owned store that sells gender free and LGBTQ+ clothing and accessories. They offer a wide variety of clothing, accessories (including face masks with really dope prints on them). Most of their stuff has bold LGBTQIA / lesbian / gender queer statements on them. You can easily find hats, mugs, and t-shirts that say things along the lines of "Yes, still gay" or "They/Them" or "FemmeBoi" on them. Definitely worth checking them out if you are into gender fluid clothing and want to rock bold statements.



You will find almost every young person's street style in the book here. ASOS has tons of clothing to choose from and they are all inexpensive too. Althouhh ASOS does not have a large, designated unisex section, you can easily find gender neutral styles in their Men's section.

Did someone say FREE SHIPPING? No, actually no one said free shipping (sorry!). At ASOS, there's a minimum of $50 before you can enjoy Free Standard Shipping in the US. If your order is less than $50, shipping's gonna cost ya a $5 to get it delivered in the states.

TIP: ASOS has a large range of sizes (we're talkin' XXS to 6XL), so all body types can shop til they drop!



Photo of person wearing ombre t-shirt with hands in pocket

ZARA offers fashion-forward, affordable clothing in all sizes.Their clothing is tailored, slim fit, and features the latest fashion. Find your fit at Zara.

BONUS for the slim studs: the XS in men's size can fit a slim body type.


4. H&M

Boost your menswear basics at H&M! A great place to find seasonal staples for your gender neutral closet is H&M. Buy all the pieces that you won't need to keep forever here. Get classic t-shirts for less then $10 and jeans for under $30. You can find both slim and regular fit clothing in the men's department at H&M. Not the best quality, but you can't beat the prices.

Pro tip: bring a bag of old clothing to recycle at H&M and they'll give you a discount off your next purchase!


Old navy is great for stocking up on the basics. Hit up the women's section and buy a size up or hit up the men's section and buy a size down. Even though they don't have a gender neutral line, their clothing and accessories excel in being basic and affordable. This means their stuff usually is not too girly or too manly -- just too great of a price to pass up! Now that's something we can all work with!

Tip: Don't forget to check the clearance aisle in stores! That's where the real steals are in this store.


For kids, they launched a gender neutral collection in 2018. Check it out!

For adults, Abercrombie has slim cut clothing which is great news for the slim jim women who shop in the men's section. They also have a great bathing suit collection full of colorful not-too-long swimming trunks.


What are your favorite spots to shop for your tomboy bathing suits? How about for your gender neutral work attire? Spill the tea in the comments and help a friend out!


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