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15 Social distance date ideas that any hopeless romantic girl will swoon over

While we adjust to the new norm, we can try new date ideas during quarantine. Social distancing doesn’t have to ruin your dating game! Step up your romance with these creative quarantine-friendly date ideas to show her a good time, any time.


Here are 15 date ideas during quarantine to try.

Indoor Date Ideas:

1. Have your own private paint and sip sesh at home

Paint night date idea

Grab some canvases, acrylic paints, and paint brushes and host your own paint night at home! If you need someone to guide your painting, put on a Youtube tutorial for an easy abstract sunset painting and follow along. Pour a glass of wine and paint the night away!

TIP: Don't forget to put down a disposable table cloth before painting to protect your counter top from any accidental spills.


2. Enjoy a pretend bonfire on the TV

Play a realistic fire video on YouTube on your big screen TV, turn up the volume to hear the crackling sounds, and use scent warmers or candles with woodsy smells. Set out a blanket and crack open some beers or snacks as you normally would around a bonfire/fireplace.


3. Host a movie night with wine and popcorn

Make some popcorn and plop down on the couch with you and your date's fave candy and wine. Put on a movie, and the rest is history!


4. Cook dinner together or order food delivery

Easily find recipes online or cut the guesswork out and get a subscription box delivered, like Hello Fresh.


5. Have a seafood night

Grab blue crabs or your favorite seafood from your local grocery store or seafood joint and spend the evening eating together on the balcony or in the backyard.


6. Do a puzzle together

Puzzles can make for a fun date at home to take your mind off of everything. You can buy puzzles at your local arts and craft store like Michael's or big stores like Target or Walmart for under $15.


7. Play a round of trivia

You can prepare a round of trivia questions by searching google for Trivia questions or downloading an app from the App Store or Google Play store.

Pro Tip: if you have a Google Home or Alexa, you can Ask Google or Alexa to play a free, on-demand round of trivia questions for you two.


8. Have an international themed dinner date

cooking dinner date at home

Amother date night during quarantine is to host an international theme dinner. Pick a random country or culture and each person makes a dish to represent it. Play music to match the theme and enjoy some new food and vibes together. Bonus points if you bring your laptop to do some virtual vacationing using Google Earth. Drop a pin baby!



1. Go for a hike on a local trail

Hiking is a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle and just enjoy each other's company. Pack some water, snacks, and bug spray! Bonus points if you pack sandwiches and wine (with cups and a wine opener) for the both of you to toast at the top of the mountain or at the best view point.


2. Have a picnic in the backyard or neighborhood park

If you are dealing with a super femme who doesn't like to get dirty, opt for a romantic, Pinterest worthy picnic at the park. Aside from the food and drinks, don't forget to pack a blanket big enough for two, disposable utensils, glasses, paper towels, trash bags, and hand sanitizer!


3. Fly a kite

You can order a kite from Amazon for less than $15. This is a cheap and unique date idea that shows you planned ahead (at least 2 days ahead, lol). You can fly it at a local park, public school playground, or even your backyard!


4. Volunteer at food pantries or animal shelters

There is a huge need for more volunteers at local nonprofits right now. Plus, who can hate a giver? You will gain mad points even just for suggesting this idea!


5. Go to a drive-in movie theater

Bonus points if you bring your own snacks, drinks, and blankets! Make sure you have enough gas in the tank too!


6. Have a bonfire or start up the fireplace and roast marshmallows

Don't have a fireplace or bonfire? Stick to #2 in the "At Home Date Ideas" list above and pretend you have one using YouTube.


7. Rent a scooter or bike and go for a spin around the city

If you own bikes, take em out for a spin down a road less traveled. If you live in a city, you can rent bikes and ride around for a few bucks an hour. Make sure to bring hand sanitizer and disinfection wipes to clean the handle bars on your and your date's rental bikes.


The Bottom Line

We all need to get creative when it comes to dating, especially while quarantine and social distancing orders are in place. Any of these 15 date ideas during covid will help you forget about all the stresses in the world right now. Have fun, relax a little and give her a date to remember!


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