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Lesbian's List of Stud-A-Licious Summer Staples

Summer's here, and all the ladies are reaching for sundresses, flip flops, and bikinis. Unfortunately, for the less feminine women, summer can be a hard time to pull our look off. Don't worry, with a few classic staples, you will be summer-time-fine-in-no-time.

Here's inspiration for your gender neutral, stud stuntin' summer wardrobe:

1. Think loose and airy on top

It doesn't have to be a summer dress to be flowy. Throw on a silky, printed button-up short sleeves top for the win. Wear it open and layer it with another shirt under it or keep it clean and simple with it buttoned up. Add more style points with a hat, watch, or necklace.

Check out stores like ASOS, Old Navy, J.Crew, and Urban Outfitters for plenty of choices.


2. Updated Swimming Trunks

When heading to the pool or beach, let me be clear. There are 2 guidelines you MUST follow if you want to be a stylish stem/stud lesbian this summer:

  1. Leave the bikini bottoms to the femmes

  2. Leave the tank top and basketball shorts for the less fashionable studs

I am not playing with y'all this summer in these blast from the past looks. Look man, if you want to be a stylish stud at the beach, there's no way around these top two rules. You want to feel good at the pool and beach, so dress like you thought about this moment before it happened. To keep it gender neutral, opt for a pair of swimming trunks and a sports bra (like this Adidas sports bra at Macy's) or a bathing suit top with a high neckline.

Stud Style Tip: make sure the bottom of your swimming trunks lands around mid-thigh

For more bikini alternatives for the tomboys, check out this blog post which lays out the top options for the more masculine chicks.

Ready to shop yourself? Check out any of these stores for some cool swimsuit swagger:


3. Build your LINEN closet (not the one with towels)

Head over to H&M to stock up on their new Linen Essentials collection! Anything that is lightweight cotton/linen blend or linen will be your best friend on summer's hottest days. You can even get away with wearing full length pants that are linen at the beach.


4. Ditch the pants!

Up your short game this year. Get yourself some chambray long shorts that will go with pretty much anything in your closet. Add a pair of fool proof denim shorts and at least one bright colored pair of shorts, and WAH-LAH. You are set for summer my friend. Let's get it.


5. Loose fitting tops will be your best friend all summer long


And the "Easiest Outfit Award" goes to...... a graphic t-shirt paired with denim shorts!

You literally can't go wrong with a t-shirt and jeans -- no matter the season or the mood.


What's your go-to summer staple? Let us know in the comments section!

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