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Where are the bookmakers?

Have you ever wondered where your trusted bookmakers are? A priori, it may seem a stupid question, but it is not so stupid. We all know that bookmakers are on the net (or in the cloud), that if you type their address in your browser it will take you to their home page and you will be able to bet on whatever you want or play in their online casino. So far, so normal; but it is also true that the bookmakers have an official headquarters: the place where their offices, workers, etc. are located.

Remember that all bookmakers operating in Spain are authorized by the Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego (DGOJ) to do so; and like any company, they need a physical address. The 15 bookmakers we analyzed have their physical residence in Europe, and the importance that the gambling sector has reached in our country has led to the emergence of several bookmakers in different parts of the Spanish geography.

In this interactive map you will find the location of all the bookmakers licensed to operate in Spain:

Spanish bookmakers

We are used to Madrid and Barcelona concentrating the big companies, and the white label casino sector is no exception, although we see alternatives. For example, Juegging is based in the Valencian town of Paterna, and Luckia in A Coruña. In the Community of Madrid we find MarcaApuestas and Premier Apuestas; while in the city of Barcelona there are Sportium and Suertia. In addition, Goldenpark is in Cerdanyola, in the metropolitan area of the city.

British bookmakers

If there is a country with a great tradition in the world of sports betting, it is undoubtedly the United Kingdom. In the cradle of betting we find Bet365, one of the most powerful bookmakers in the world, which is based in Stoke-on-Trent, a town halfway between Manchester and Birmingham. Also British are Betfair, William Hill and 888Sport, which have their official headquarters very close to each other: in Gibraltar, where they can take advantage of the tax benefits of the British territory.

European bookmakers

We have already seen where 11 of the 15 bookmakers are located, but there are still four that are scattered throughout Europe. For example, Bwin, one of the most important bookmakers in the world, has its official address in Vienna, the capital of Austria, while to find the headquarters of Paf we have to travel to Finland. A little closer, in Malta, is Interwetten, a pioneer of online betting, although it was founded in Vienna; while Titanbet has its official headquarters in Bulgaria, although its parent company, Playtech, is based in the Isle of Man (Great Britain).

We have already seen that half of the bookmakers operating in Spain are foreign, but they have branches in our country. Now you know that in addition to finding them in that abstract place that is the network, you can also find the official headquarters of the bookmakers in a physical place. And don't forget that some of them also have gambling halls in many parts of the country where you can also play in person.

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