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8 Gay Friendly Housewarming Gift Ideas (that they won’t re-gift)

Buying a new home or renting a place together is a huge milestone for a couple. Celebrate it with your friends by giving a gift that honors their new chapter in life (and thanks them for hosting their party)!

Invited to a house warming party for a lesbian or gay couple and don't know what to get?

Here are some gay friendly house warming gift ideas:

1. Candles or scent warmers

2. Custom made cutting boards

You can get personalized cutting boards from Amazon with their first names on it. Etsy also can be a great place to shop for customized gifts!

3. Cozy blankets

Who hates being cozy? Definitely not a new home owner/renter! Plus, you can use it whenever you are cold at their house!

4. Decorative pillows

Target is a great shopping starting place for affordable, cool throw pillows

5. "Come as you are" door mat

(This unique mat is available on Etsy for less than $50!)

6. Wine or dessert

(Can‘t go wrong here)

7. Funny kitchen towels

You can get funny dessert-related kitchen towels on Etsy for $12!

8. Board games or card games

Start their collection so they can hold an awesome game night in the future. Not sure what to get? Check out these fun games for adults for under $30:

What are your go-to house warming gifts? Let us know in the comments below!

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